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Nano Extreme WS2 is a superior lubricant for the car’s engine. If you are into racing sport, drive in very hash conditions and running your engine in high rpm such as off road / 4 wheel driving or in city traffic jam start stop driving conditions, Nano WS2 is the product for you. The WS2 coats the metal surfaces with a special tribo-film to reduce metal to metal friction. This research has won a Nobel prize for the nano size tribo-film technology.

Nano WS2 friction coefficient when operating in a car is about 0.01 and it can with stand a pressure exceeding 20,000 bars. No other lubricant additives in the market can come close to it. WS2 zero friction in a can.
Nano Extreme WS2 150ml
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Nano Extreme WS2 150ml

Zero Friction In A Can

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