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KoolTec Technology is developed & improved from 19 years of research & experiment in Singapore since 1996. It is currently extensively used in Singapore Bus Services Transit for the bus fleet AC maintenance, Singapore Port Authorities for the maintenance of AC in container trucks, Authorised Dealerships & independent workshops.

Here in Indonesia, our KoolTec are used by independent workshops, franchise workshops, car dealerships & authorised AC workshops in most major cities.

60 menit servis ac mobil dengan teknologi baru tanpa bongkar komponen
Auto Creative

Step 1 -

90% of car AC problems are caused by compressor oil not change regularly
KoolTec does a total compressor oil change in 60 minutes without removing parts

The car ac system is first put through a full diagnosis process which takes about 20 mins to complete. And the customer is presented with a printed report.

You can then present your promotion menu deal - example
  1. your car ac is too warm for comfort, try our standard ac flushing service
  2. your car ac is contaminated, it may soon cause the compressor to fail, consider our complete ac service
  3. your car needs a refrigerant top up, try our refrigerant top up package
  4. the overall performance of the ac components are still good, all you need is a total compressor oil change service
  5. we found a leak in the evaporator, the leak is a small one, would you like us to repair the leak without removing & replace the component
  6. the service fees are reasonable as you do not replace or remove parts, thank you for completing the job within my budget & a short waiting time

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The video shows an example of our KoolTec service process
  • The BMW i8 has an electric motor driven compressor
  • The refrigerant type is the latest R1234yf
  • Although its a new car, it does suffer from a small leak and a refrigerant top up is needed every 7 months
  • Special hybrid compressor oil is needed for this job & Leak Gard is injected to stop the small hard to find leaks
  • All the products used are made by top manufacturers in the MAC industry & ensures full compatibility for the i8 AC system
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In contrast with the BMW i8, the BMW 528i E39 is a classic 16 year old bimmer.

We take you through the steps to diagnose & flush the car’s AC system.

This is a more detailed video on KoolTec concept
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At this point you will experience cool AC after a total compressor oil change
What’s next ?

Step 2 -

Bad smell from the car’s ac evaporator located inside the dash board
Done without removing the dash

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How often do you clean & service your home air conditioning? 2 or 3 times a year to remove dirt, dust & smell so you can enjoy cool air in your home.

But what about your car air conditioning? Most of us do not service & clean it at all. The air quality in your car’s cabin can give you a sick car syndrome … sore throat, itchy nose & red eyes could be some of he symptoms.
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A cabin filter or AC filter is usually installed before the evaporator to get rid of dust in the air before it works its way through the evaporator & subsequently the warmer air gets cooled. In some cases where there is no factory installed cabin filter, the evaporator works as a air filter as well as cooling the air that passes through it. Over time a thick layer of dust & grease gets accumulated to a point where no air can pass through it. When this happens, the best option is to open the dash, remove the evaporator & have it cleaned outside the car. ( When the evaporator is removed from the system, air & water is introduced & the compressor oil, PAG oil, being hydroscopic would absorb water causing compressor failures on the long run. At Auto Creative, when we perform such jobs, the whole ac system is flushed out & a total compressor oil & refrigerant replacement is done.

For cars with AC cabin filters, the evaporator would not be so soiled. And if our purpose is to avoid removing the dash board & still get a reasonable maintenance job done, this method shown in the video is a good alternative. I would say we could remove 80% of the dust.

There are 2 ways to spray the CleanEvap - (1) direct to the evaporator without operating the blower (2) using the blower where you just can't get to the evaporator ( e.g. the Ford Fiesta & Nissan Livina & most european cars )

In the video, the 2nd method is shown. A few things to note : - the specially design spray gun sprays the CleanEvap in small bursts - spray at the outer edge of the blower at the highest blower speed using the centripetal forces of the air to push out the CleanEvap into the evaporator. Do be careful not to spray directly at the centre of the blower where the blower motor is located.

Cleaning the evaporator / cooling coil of a car without removing the dash board. Airsept CleanEvap product is demonstrated here. Airsept is used & recommended by 16 car manufacturers.

AirSept - AC odor management solutions
1st to be EPA USA approved. Used & recommended by 16 car manufacturers

AirSept Oxyvap

AirSept Oxyvap

Evaporator fogging & sanitizing 230ml

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AirSept CleanEvap

AirSept CleanEvap

Evaporator fast acting cleaner

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AirSept Odor Shield

AirSept Odor Shield

Long lasting evaporator odour prevention solution

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What other features does the KoolTec concept have ?

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How we can add value to a refrigerant top up
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The Neutronics Pro ID is capable to identify refrigerant that is not even commercially available yet
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Recovered refrigerant from existing ac systems contains a large amount of compressor oil. KoolTec has the capability to recycle the refrigerant & remove 100% of the compressor oil
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This is how we perform an AC system digital vacuum leak test. In a quick 20 mins we are able to advice our customer if there is a leak in the system. Now we can move on to identify the location & the size of the leak. All of this work is done without removing any parts.
Leak Gard, from Uview Canada, is our recommended stop leak product. It is the only stop leak product in the market that is certified SAE J2670. Used to seal ac leaks - small to medium size, seals metal & rubber.

For more product information - please “view product”
Uview Leak Gard

Uview Leak Gard

Seals Hard To Find Refriegarnt Leaks

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