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Car Air Conditioning & its support systems

Car AC a combined system

Q What are the related automotive systems the AC in your car depend on to function properly?
For a car’s AC system to operate efficiently, 3 systems must function well. The engine power train, the engine cooling system & the electrical charging alternator & battery.

The engine power train drives the AC compressor through a pulley belt, which directly drives the piston in the compressor. If the engine compression is unbalanced or its vibrating violently due to wear, there may not be enough torque to drive the compressor & leads to a poor performing compressor.

The battery provides enough crank current to start your car engine & the alternator takes over from that point to supply the electrical demands of your car including charging up the car’s battery. When the battery reaches its service life time it can cause havoc to the alternator. The charging voltage can fluctuate & the charging current drops. If the supply voltage drops below 12V it can cause the compressor clutch to burn off!

The engine cooling system comprises of the radiator, radiator coolant, water pump, engine cooling fan & the radiator cap. These components work in close harmony to keep the engine cool & at its optimum operating temperature. If the engine overheats, usually during a long & high speed drive, the AC compressor can heat up too causing an increase in refrigerant pressure resulting in hotter AC.

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