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How Should Car AC Perform

How Should Cars’ Air Conditioning Perform

A Mobile Air Conditioning System (MAC) cools the interior of a car’s hot cabin in a very efficient way as compared to a home air conditioning system. If your car is parked under the hot sun, the cabin temperature can be expected to hit a high 50C. And when you drive off from this situation, the car’s ac must cool the cabin in a matter of minutes.

Recently, a customer request me to review the performance of his Mazda CX5 AC after a total compressor oil change. Here are the results. The test was done with a starting AC vent temperature of 19C & the front 2 windows are left opened. The AC was then started under different settings & the AC vent temperature is measured. A good car AC system should have its AC vent temperature below 8C & resulting cabin temperature would be able to reach 23 C or better.

Mazda CX5_AC Performance