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Honda CRZ Hybrid Hot AC ? Here is some cool advice

Honda CRZ AC

Hybrid vehicles ultilize 2 sources of energy to power the car, fossil fuel either gasoline or diesel & batteries.

A Honda CR Z Hybrid pulled into his garage & the owner complained of very hot AC. The standard diagnostics were done & the temperature measured was 20 degrees C. Since 90% of all AC failures are caused by the compressor lube/oil not replaced, my customer went ahead to flush out completely the old compressor oil. To our surprise the amount of oil is too little.

It was a good thing WW called me & enquired on the factory specification on the amount of PAG oil is needed for this CR Z.

Hybrid cars, like the CR Z, uses electrical compressors compared to belt driven ones in conventional cars. The compressor oil,
THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE, you must use a special compressor oil called “Hybrid compressor oil” of viscosity 100. Why? Hybrid compressor oil do not conduct electricity! After added the new hybrid oil of the correct amount, the AC was a chilling 1 degree C! Amazingly cold & a very happy customer.

Please never ever use conventional compressor PAG oil in any Hybrid cars. Consult your nearest KoolTec service centres for your hybrid cars AC servicing.

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