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Is your Toyota Yaris performing to your expectation at 40,000km? What can you do?

Toyota Yaris

This was the Yaris exhibited in 2010, IINAPA Exhibition in Jakarta. It was brand new.

This month I’m delighted to use this car while waiting for my new ride to arrive. The moment I cranked the car, adjusted the seats & the mirrors I noticed something is not doing well.....

First, it took a second too long to crank start the engine, the AC is way too warm & humid in fact it is warm in the day & cold at night, the engine is revving too loud & the auto transmission is not shifting gears smoothly. I’m someone who demands a quality drive so I set about improving it...

The engine performance
Added 1 can of Lambda oil extra & 1 can Tank Otto..that makes the engine calms down, the noise is reduced significantly 7 improve power! Installed 2 Qmax nano to maintain the engine power performance.

The Air Con
Flushed the air con with “KoolTec”. Before the compressor oil change the temp is 17C & after flushed its 4.5C. Now the AC is cold in the day! And fogged the AC for 30mins, I can enjoy fresh air free of bacteria.

Battery test yielded a (-100%) results. A brand new battery is 100% life & overtime it will degrade & when its at 30% it must be replaced. This battery (45Ah type) is minus -100%, it must be replace immediately.

Upon replaced, started the car & it stalled again, switch on AC compressor toggle on & off..thats funny. Pulled out my AutoTest electrical analyzer & measured - charging voltage only 12.7V (normal at least 13,8V) & the charging current is -20A!!! Shut off the engine, pulled out the fuse for the ECU for a few seconds & plug it back again. Problem solved - charging voltage at 14.5V & charing current at 5A. Lesson learnt - new cars its recommended to plug in a back up battery before replacing batteries. Look out for my future Tech Talk series about the back up battery part.

With a new battery & without fail each time you installed a 100% life new battery into your car, you will notice & feel that the car is more powerful, the head lights is brighter, auto transmission shifts smoothly & the car audio sounds better. These improvements are only momentarily. And there are ways to maintain & improve the electrical performance in your car. I will talk about them more in my next Tech Talk Series.

Thank you for reading this Blog.

Enjoy your car.