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90% of car air con failure is caused by compressor oil not replaced

90% of AC
AC System Components

In the good old days, we frequently see automobiles having to go through overhaul of engine. The lubricant companies began to educate workshops & car owners to replace engine oil at recommended service intervals. Now, we hardly see our car going through the cumbersome engine overhaul piece of work. We diligently replace our engine oil at 5000km or 10,000km.


The primary purpose of lubricants in general are (1) Lubricate to reduce friction (2) Remove frictional heat (3) To absorb dirt. Over time, it would loose its
viscosity, its ability to lubricate & it would turn acidic. There are now specific service intervals for engine oil, ATF, manual gear oil, differential axial oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid & radiator coolant.

Replace compressor oil (PAG) every 20,000 km

The service interval for replacement of compressor lubricant is between 20,000 km to 30,000 km depending on the driving condition. The modern car ac system uses PAG( Poly-Alckylene-Glycol ), which is synthetic, compressor oil & refrigerant R134a. The PAG oil mixes 100% with the R134a & it flows through the entire system lubricating the compressor. The amount of PAG oil & R134a a car ac system needs is specified by the car manufacturer & it differs from manufacturers.

PAG oil - correct amount to use

Unlike engine oil, where we use a large amount to lubricate(in the range of 4 liters) , the PAG oil used is usually in the range of 70ml to 200ml. This makes the PAG oil quantity or amount very critical to obtain a cold temperature. Here’s a way to picture this. If your car engine needs 4L of oil, if we add in an extra 2L or drain out 2L of oil. This would adversely affect the performance & protection of the engine & eventually lead to serious damages. Too much PAG oil or too little of it would similarly affect the performance of the compressor & its lifespan.

PAG oil replacement - A pain in the ass!

Traditionally, it is a very difficult & time consuming task to remove the compressor oil. The compressor, condenser, evaporator & expansion valve must be removed & flushed separately. And the dash board must be removed to get to the evaporator & expansion valve. Now there is a Cool & Simple Way to Make your car AC Cold” - KoolTec . The AC compressor oil can be removed & replaced with new oil in just 1 hour & no parts are removed in the process. Check out your nearest KoolTec service centres for a free diagnostic check.

Replace your car’s ac compressor oil every 20,000 km to enjoy a cool & fresh cabin & avoid expensive repair cost!

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