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How to measure the degree of “coldness” in a car AC, let the numbers tell

Temp Vs Humidity

A comfortable air conditioned environment for us is between 20 to 29 degrees C & a humidity range of 30% to 70%. For example, for the car’s cabin temperature to reach 20 C the humidity should be at 30%. To efficiently achieve this level of coldness, the temperature measured just on the surface of the evaporator or cooling coil would be about 2 C.

A quick way to access your car’s ac performance is to wind down both the driver’s & passenger’s side window & set the ac to the coldest mark. You would then measure the temperature in the ac vent. A minimum performance standard, the ac vent temperature would be about 8 C or lower, the lower the better. We have a
video to demonstrate this performance measurement.

In my next Tech Talk Series, I would discuss further how we can achieve the optimum performance out of our car’s AC without removing parts in the process & we will discuss the contributing factors that causes our car’s AC to lose its efficiency.

Keep cool & stay heathy.

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