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The Car's AC Compressor

AC Compressor Cutaway

The AC compressor in a car is the heart beat of the air conditioning system. To understand how a car AC system works, please read my other blog here.

An AC compressor pretty much works like a water pump. At the intake side of the water pump, the water is at a lower pressure. The pump’s job is to take in or suck in this low pressure water so it enters into the pump & gets pressurised or pumped up to a high pressure. The output of the water pump would have a high pressure so it is usable to us, like water from our tap or even to feed this water into a garden hose to water your plants.

The AC compressor behaves the same way. It draws in or sucks in the low pressure refrigerant in gas form from the output of the evaporator. The liquid refrigerant that passes through the evaporator is “boiled” to a vapour. This gas form of the refrigerant then makes its way into the AC compressor & gets pressurised to a much higher pressure & temperature.

The the low pressure intake or suction side of the compressor you would expect to see the pressure at 25 PSI & the output of the compressor at a high pressure of 225 PSI. This operating pressures ensures the car AC system works at its optimum parameters giving you a cool ac.

Click here to watch a video on how a AC compressor works.

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