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Are all compressor oil (PAG) made the same?

Primalec PAG oil Fact Sheet
PAG ( Poly-Alckylene-Glycol ) is the chemical name for compressor oil used in R134a car ac system. But all compressor oil made the same?

I’m sure most car owners change their engine oil frequently. Service interval usually for semi-syn oil is 5000 km & fully syn at 10,000km. These oil quality & grade varies from brand to brand & what is important is the additive that is blended with the base oil. The quality & quantity of the additive determines the price & quality of the drive.

PAG oil with good quality additives can extend your compressor life & keep your ac cold longer

PAG oil is quite similar in nature. They are fully synthetic, fully soluble with R134a refrigerant & most important there are additives in there to help maintain the operation of the compression & protection of the seals & O rings.

Match car manufacturer’s viscosity specifications

PAG oil comes in different viscosities - 46, 100, 125, 150 & esther to match the specifications required by the car manufacturer. If the amount of oil, viscosity & amount of refrigerant is correctly “mixed’ in the ac system, you’ve get a fantastically cold ac...period.

PAG absorbs water & air easily

PAG oil are hygroscopic, it absorbs water & air readily. The way it is stored & added into the ac system will affect the water & air content in the PAG oil. Oil with excessive water & air can cause damages to the ac components.

Insist on good quality PAG oil the next time you have your compressor oil replaced.

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