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Hot car cabin, where does the heat comes from?

Hot Air where does it come from

Modern cars are much more luxury in their fittings now a days. Leather interior trims, leather seats, luxury carpets, bigger dash boards to house all the displays & gadgets & the list goes on.

Have you sometimes wonder? In the good old days when I sat in my father’s red Toyota Corolla in the 1970s, those cars do not come with AC. We simply open the windows & let the wind blow us cool or even with the windows closed on a rainy day it still feel not too hot.

Why can’t we do the same now? Some people may say, its the global warming! Yes that must be one of the attributing factors. Lets have a closer look at the picture above & I think it answers the question “ where does the heat comes from? “

This means we need the car’s AC to perform efficiently & at its optimum if we want to see that heat removed from the cabin.

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