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Lambda Primer 125ml

  • Lambda Primer 125ml
Advanced formulation for the internal cleaning of engines, manual gear boxes and differentials.
Containing lubricants and extreme bearing pressure components for the protection of all moving parts during the cleaning process.

Areas of application for cleaning:

  • Drive shaft bearings
  • Oil sump
  • Piston rings and their seats
  • Oil pick up assembly
  • Cylinder liners
  • Pump
  • Oil lines and galleries
  • Cam shaft and cams
  • Lubricated turbo charger
  • Mechanical and hydraulic valve lifters
  • Injection pump
  • All lubricated surfaces where oil circulates under pressure.
  • Types of deposits:
  • Soft/hard carbon, tars, varnishes, lacquers, sludge, acid corrosion and condensates.

Usage Instructions :

  1. Pour into old engine oil
  2. Start engine & run the engine for 1 hour, min 30 mins
  3. Rev the engine occasionally ( car can be driven while running Lambda Primer )
  4. One can 125ml treats up to 2.0L engine capacity
  5. At the end of treatment, replace new oil filter & change new engine oil

The only engine restoration product that is accredited by TUV Rheinland Germany. Used & recommended by car manufacturers

** Lambda Primer is designed for engines which are mechanically sound. It
does not repair broken piston rings or warped pistons.




Lambda Primer 125ml

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