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Lambda Tank Otto 125ml

  • Lambda Tank Otto 125ml
Removes deposits - gums, lacquers, varnishes, soft and hard carbon, water acid corrosion and all by products of fuel decay and bio ethanol related problems.

Areas the product treats:
Removes deposits, cleans and lubricates the pre-combustion area as follows:

  • Fuel tank
  • Fuel lines
  • Fuel pump
  • Fuel injectors
  • Intake ports
  • And/or carburettors
  • Valve stems
  • Valve seats
  • Combustion chambers
  • Heads of intake valves

Post combustion areas:

  • Seats egr valves
  • Catalytic converters
  • Stems & heads of exhaust valves
  • Oxygen sensors

Usage Instructions :

  1. Pour into gasoline fuel tank
  2. One can 125ml treats up to 50L gasoline

The only engine restoration product that is accredited by TUV Rheinland Germany. Used & recommended by car manufacturers




Lambda Tank Otto 125ml

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