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  • KoolTec
  • Remove total oil from AC system
  • Digital Leak Test with auto diagnostic
  • Auto oil refilling & monitor of oil usage ( optional feature available in yr 2017 )

Main features :

  1. Flushing - Remove compressor oil & debris up to 95% from the air conditioning system through a computerised process without removing any component
  2. Recovery - The rotary compressor ensures speedy recovery of refrigerant. Auto detection of vaporised refrigerant lets in the system ensures complete recovery
  3. Vacuum - A dual stage vacuum pump ensures deep vacuum up to 100 mmTorr. Timer allows setting of vacuum time up to 45 mins
  4. Charging - Electronic scale with keypad for automatic or programmable refrigerant charging by weight in resolution +/- 2 grams. Special switch to allow mini charging & recovery

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KT iPlus



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