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AirSept CleanEvap

  • AirSept CleanEvap
  1. Remove dust, dirt, oil & other contaminants from the evaporator
  2. Heavy duty fast acting cleaner, non toxic & safe on automotive materials

A cabin filter or AC filter is usually installed before the evaporator to get rid of dust in the air before it works its way through the evaporator & subsequently the warmer air gets cooled. In some cases where there is no factory installed cabin filter, the evaporator works as a air filter as well as cooling the air that passes through it. Over time a thick layer of dust & grease gets accumulated to a point where no air can pass through it. When this happens, the best option is to open the dash, remove the evaporator & have it cleaned outside the car. ( When the evaporator is removed from the system, air & water is introduced & the compressor oil, PAG oil, being hydroscopic would absorb water causing compressor failures on the long run. At Auto Creative, when we perform such jobs, the whole ac system is flushed out & a total compressor oil & refrigerant replacement is done. Check out our AC concept here https://www.autocreativesys.com.sg/Koo... )

For cars with AC cabin filters, the evaporator would not be so soiled. And if our purpose is to avoid removing the dash board & still get a reasonable maintenance job done, this method shown in the video is a good alternative. I would say we could remove 80% of the dust.

There are 2 ways to spray the CleanEvap - (1) direct to the evaporator without operating the blower (2) using the blower where you just can't get to the evaporator ( e.g. the Ford Fiesta & Nissan Livina & most European cars )

In the video, the 2nd method is shown. A few things to note : - the specially design spray gun sprays the CleanEvap in small bursts - spray at the outer edge of the blower at the highest blower speed using the centripetal forces of the air to push out the CleanEvap into the evaporator. Do be careful not to spray directly at the centre of the blower where the blower motor is located.

Cleaning the evaporator / cooling coil of a car without removing the dash board. AirSept CleanEvap product is demonstrated here. AirSept is used & recommended by 16 car manufacturers.




AirSept CleanEvap

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